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When you decide to get porcelain veneers, we will go over the entire process with you during a full dental examination. Once we determine that they are the right solution for your situation, we may take x-rays or do a scan of your teeth to ensure there are no hidden problems. We want to ensure your veneers are comfortable and last a long time, so if we do find dental problems like infection or decay, we can treat those problems before putting your porcelain veneers in place.

Once we’ve confirmed that you are a candidate for a porcelain veneer, we can make temporary mock-ups, so you can experience our trial smile service. This will ensure that when complete, you are happy and satisfied with the work.

Once we’re both happy with your temporary veneers, it’s time to get ready for your dental veneer application appointment. 

Here’s what will happen during the application appointment:

Here at Turkish Trends Inc., we focus on creating unique smiles that fit you, your style, and your budget. With a range of options up our sleeves, we’re great at finding solutions to fit every situation, timeframe, and budget. We work with you to give you the confidence to smile.

Transform your smile with Turkish Trends Inc. Passionate about providing natural, lasting, and exceptional cosmetic dentistry, our team specializes in porcelain veneers to treat a wide range of dental concerns.

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