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PRP Treatment

Not only have we completed all our research in Istanbul and built a partnership affiliation with two hair transplant clinics, but we have also affiliated with Med Spa’s and PRP clinics across Canada to boost your hair growth success.  We complete one PRP treatment for you right after your hair transplant completion in Istanbul, and we have an additional 3 PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments within 9 months of your return to Canada.  Wherever you live in Canada, we have a Highly rated and recommended Canadian clinic ready to take care of you, right within your city or surrounding area.

Here's why PRP treatment is the ideal partner for your hair transplant:

We have built an affiliation with all the top Med Spa’s and PRP clinics throughout Canada in order to ensure your hair transplant is followed by PRP treatments completed only by doctors or registered nurses.  In the Toronto area and western GTA, Cadmen clinic, an award-winning clinic are ready to help you with your hair transplant journey success.  Below also notes most of our PRP affiliates throughout the GTA and Canada.  Just as we have completed our research in Istanbul for you in order to lead you to the top hair transplant clinics, we have completed the same research to affiliate ourselves with the best of the best when it comes to Med Spa’s and clinics.