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Butt Lift

Butt lift, or Brazilian Buttock, is one of the most common aesthetic operations today. Brazilian butt lift is an augmentation procedure that increases and changes the size and shape of your buttocks by removing excess body fat from certain parts of your body such as the back, hips, thighs, arms and waist.

These fat cells are taken by liposuction, processed and purified, and injected into the butt at different depths, the most natural result is obtained. Thanks to this aesthetic intervention made with the person’s own fat, women have a more attractive and fuller butt.

After the silicone surgeries for butt augmentation, it was seen that the Brazilian technique produced much more natural and permanent results than the butt enlargement surgery with fat injection. At the same time, since the patient’s own fat is transferred to the buttock in Brazilian buttock aesthetics, thinning and shaping of the person’s body is also achieved. Women who want to get thinner and fuller buttock with a single operation prefer Brazilian butt lift more often.

It is known that the butt area generally shows signs of aging. Over the years, there is a possibility that the butt area will fall, lose volume and not have the desired appearance. Thanks to this process, you can achieve the look you want and it is now possible to delay the natural aging process.

Who is Brazilian butt lift suitable for?

Interested in shaping a more feminine, curvy butt while slimming other problem areas? Brazilian butt lift can be an ideal cosmetic treatment for you. This simple procedure will add extra volume and shape to your hips while also slimming the thighs, abdomen, back or hips.

Almost anyone interested in beautifying the appearance of their buttocks is a potential candidate for BBL, or Brazilian butt lift. The best candidates for this procedure are those who have excess fat in other parts of their body that could be used to enlarge their buttocks. Candidates should also be prepared for the somewhat long recovery time needed after treatment.

To be a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift, you must be healthy, aware of the goals of the surgery, and have extra fat to achieve lasting results.

If the person is very thin, there may not be enough fat to undergo brazilian butt lift surgery. In this case, it may be necessary to use a prosthesis. However, after the butt prosthesis is placed, it can be seen from the outside, especially in thin people, and causes an ugly appearance. The most beautiful Brazilian butt is made with fat injection.

Who can be Brazilian butt aesthetic candidates?

Advantages of Brazilian Buttock Surgery

Instead of butt implants, it is generally preferred to have Brazilian butt aesthetics with fat injection. Patients can have natural-looking results with fat transfer. In addition, the fat is unlikely to be rejected, and the desired shape and size can be achieved.

Since the fats used for Brazilian Buttock Lift are removed through vaser liposuction, they will gain the additional benefit of shaping the desired body in the areas where the fat is removed. In addition, there is no scarring with oil injection. There is also no risk of complications such as wound rupture, infections, or exposure of the implant along the laceration areas.

Get a lasting effect with Brazilian butt lift!

Brazilian butt lift is one of the body shaping surgeries that has been very popular in recent years. The reason why this procedure is so popular is that it also has a thinning effect on the patient. Thanks to the fat taken from the abdomen, waist and thighs of the person, the patient has a slimmer body after the surgery.

Another advantage of Brazilian buttock augmentation is that its effect is permanent. Thanks to the special cannulas used in this surgery, fat cells are injected into the buttock. The adipose tissue transferred by the specialist plastic surgeon should be injected in a layered manner between the muscles of the buttock. Thus, the fat tissue in the butt will be permanent and the risk of melting will decrease.

How is Brazilian butt lift done?

Brazilian butt lift is performed under general anesthesia. After liposuction applied to areas with excess fat, the operation takes approximately 4-5 hours with the transfer of fat to the buttocks. By performing liposuction through tiny incisions of 2 mm, the fat of the person is taken from the excess areas and prepared by concentrating and transferred to the predetermined areas on the buttocks. The process continues until the desired view is captured.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Process

After Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, a medical corset garment will be required to help the patient recover faster and to keep the hips in the correct position. After surgery, patients are not allowed to put weight on their hips or sit for too long in the first two weeks of recovery.

Putting too much pressure on the operated area may cause the fat to displace or the body to absorb some of the fat. Patients should sit on a special pillow or padded surfaces and avoid hard surfaces. When sleeping, you should lie flat on your stomach. This will help avoid putting pressure on the hip area.

The patient can return to work one week after the operation, as long as the post-operative work does not include heavy lifting or strenuous physical activity. You can expect a full recovery within two weeks. All bruising, discomfort, and swelling should subside by then. Most patients return to their normal routines within two months and six months for final results.

How Long Does It Last For Brazilian Butt Augmentation?

After the surgery is completed and the desired appearance is achieved, 70-80% of the fat will remain in the hip area for the rest of your life. 20-30% of it will melt. Fat injection is planned by foreseeing this melting. However, if you lose weight after the surgery, the fat injected into the butt will melt. Therefore, it is important to be at your ideal weight during the surgery.

In some people, injected fat may melt more than expected. In such a case, the procedure may need to be repeated. Like other tissues in your body, the fat placed on the butt will age and grow with you. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. Exercise helps you maintain the same size and shape.

What is the difference between butt implants and Brazilian butt lift?

Butt lift is customized to meet individual needs. Patients who may have excessive skin sagging prefer this procedure. Brazilian butt lift can help increase the firmness of your back area. This process is much more natural as it uses the patient’s fat instead of the implant. Butt lift has reduced the risk of infection as the person’s body tissue is used, so the patient can recover faster.

Butt implants are also very popular to use. Butt augmentation with butt implants involves placing artificial body implants to create a shape. Buttock replacement is very common among patients who have underdeveloped hips and are lean, without excess fat. However, it is a complicated operation. there are risks of complications, and then it may appear from the outside. Considering this information, Brazilian butt aesthetics with fat injection to the buttock is more applied.

How long does the Brazilian butt lift effect last?

It may take many years. However, natural aging can change the shape of the body. Results are best maintained by exercising and maintaining a healthy diet and body weight. Losing or gaining weight too quickly may affect the way and appearance of this procedure in the future.

What happens if I gain weight or become pregnant after Brazilian butt lift?

If you gain weight, the transplanted fat cells will grow like any other fat in the body. In other words, growth is observed minimally in the area where liposuction is performed, while it is seen in greater amounts in the area where fat injection is made. Brazilian butt lift does not prevent pregnancy or fertility. Many patients may want to have retouching or maternal aesthetics to achieve the ideal shape after pregnancy.

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