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Breast Reduction

What is breast reduction surgery?

For some people, breast size can negatively affect their daily living activities as well as their body confidence. Factors that determine the size of female breasts include a genetic predisposition, body weight and hormonal influences. The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size and reshape of the breasts so that they are more proportional to the rest of your body and no longer cause functional and aesthetic concerns.

How is breast reduction surgery done?

The plastic surgeon will remove fat, breast tissue and skin to achieve a smaller, well-defined breast with a youthful shape. The nipples are lifted to a younger position and the breasts are reshaped to create smaller breasts.

When should breast reduction surgery be considered?

Why should I have a Breast Reduction?

Many women with very large breasts have neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, some have pain under their breasts, and some have grooves in their shoulders caused by bra straps. Breasts that are disproportionately large for their height and weight can restrict them from leading a more active life. It also affects their self-confidence and restricts their choice of clothing. Breast reduction surgery is recommended to relieve these symptoms and increase confidence.

In some cases, breast reduction can also be done after pregnancy and breastfeeding or after weight loss or to correct symmetry and shape problems that may occur naturally. Corrected chest sizes and shapes can greatly increase women’s confidence and give her the flexibility to wear whatever clothes she wants.

What problems do big breasts cause?

One of the biggest problems of women with large breasts is shoulder and back pain. Big breasts can cause pain by disrupting the balance in the upper body of people. Apart from the pain, as the big breasts come into contact with the abdomen, rash and bad odor may occur in this area. This raises the self-confidence problem in women.

Large breasts restrict physical activities in women and prevent the wearing of the desired clothes. At the same time, in women with large breasts, bra straps can cause deformity as they create a hole in the shoulder.

Why do breasts get bigger?

One of the biggest reasons for having larger-than-normal breasts is genetics. The growth effect of breast tissue is usually a family legacy. In addition to genetic factors, factors such as weight gain, childbirth, breastfeeding also cause breast enlargement. If a person gains excess weight and their breasts grow, their breasts may sag when they lose weight. You can solve this problem with breast reduction and breast lift surgery.

Things to know before deciding on breast reduction surgery

What is the recovery process like after breast reduction surgery?

After breast reduction surgery, you will need to stay in the hospital for one day. A drain can be inserted in very large breast surgeries. It is recommended that patients wear sports bras even after the drains are removed. Wearing a sports bra for an average of 1 month will be beneficial for the new form of the breasts. Post-operative check-ups are done in the 1st and 2nd weeks. In the second week, the stitches are removed and people can continue their daily lives.

What happens in your examination before breast reduction surgery?

Remember to write down all of your possible concerns and questions and have them ready when you meet with your plastic surgeon. You will discuss your surgical options, the pros and cons of each, and your medical history. The surgeon will need to know all your current medications you are taking and any serious illness you may have had in the past and whether you smoke.

How long will my Breast Reduction results last?

Your recovery time, post-operative instructions, and how long you stay with your normal physical activity and work will be individualized and discussed prior to surgery, depending on the procedure. It is important that you use a medical support bra that needs to be worn.

It’s important to remember that your surgeon will share detailed instructions on how to care for your surgical site and any warning signs to watch out for. The time it takes to recover varies greatly between patients and this will be discussed in your case.

Breast reduction surgery is long-term, unless you gain or lose a significant amount of weight or become pregnant, your breasts will remain the same size. Aging and gravity can still affect your chest over time. Routine follow-up controls after surgery should not be missed.

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