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A Canadian member of our team with you during your stay, world’s top cosmetic doctors and highest end facilities not only assessed and selected, but used by our owners for procedures. A cosmetic trip made into a beautiful and memorable vacation. All while saving you money! That is who we are and what we provide.

Istanbul, Turkiye has become a major international hub for cosmetic medical procedures. Hair transplants alone account for over 100,000 visitors a year, not to mention the thousands who visit for rhinoplasty, cosmetic dental, tummy tucks, liposuction and much more.

With over 1000 clinics in Istanbul alone, many concerns have arisen with respect to which clinics are following ethical procedures, the health and safety aspect of clinics, not to mention results not matching promises and the quality of medical treatment being provided. Over and above this, for us as Canadians, how do we choose who to trust, where to stay, what we are getting into when we make our decision to travel abroad to save thousands on cosmetic medical procedures.

At Turkish Trends Inc., we have completed all the homework for you. Not only has our team visited and assessed many clinics across Istanbul, but our team , along with relatives and friends have completed cosmetic procedures at the same facilities. Hair transplant, dental cosmetics, and rhinoplasty. The owner’s immediate family alone has completed all three.

We have selected the two top facilities and some of the world’s highest rated doctors for your procedure. On top of that, we have you covered in every way you can think of, all with your comfort, satisfaction, and enjoyment in mind. We truly care, therefore customer care is always our number one priority.

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