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Cosmetic Vacations in Istanbul with your personal Canadian guide, exclusively provided by Turkish Trends Inc.

The Medical tourism industry is flourishing internationally, with some key locations becoming world renowned for their specialities. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, Istanbul, Turkiye has become one of the worlds most recognized locations. With some of the world’s top rated plastic surgeons, hair transplant doctors, as well as top rated veneers and implants dentist’s, Istanbul has caught the world’s attention. As there are more than 1000 facilities in Istanbul, the options for customers are vast to say the least. The key questions to ask are who to choose, which facilities provide the safest and cleanliest procedures, how long does the process take and how long is the recovery?

Istanbul, Turkiye is a favourite tourist destination to many internationally with its rich cultural heritage, exquisite architecture, delicious food, and a vibrant atmosphere. Istanbul is also internationally famous for hosting one of the several stops of the most expensive sport in the world, the F1 racing circuit. It’s also the largest city in Turkiye, and straddling two continents, it’s uniqueness and the ability to spend time in both Asia and Europe in a day, makes it a fascinating place to explore. Istanbul is also world famous for its nightlife, shopping, and cultural attractions.

Over the past decade, a whole new wave of international traffic began making its way to Istanbul, the heavy demand of cosmetic procedures and surgery. With many of the world’s top-notch medical centers and clinics providing a wide ranges of services, Istanbul has become one of the world’s top medical tourism locations. Some of the world’s top-rated doctors are in Istanbul for hair restoration, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), breast augmentation, liposuction, and dental procedures (veneers, crowns, dental implants).

With that said, it is crucial to complete thorough research to locate only reputable clinics or medical centers to ensure both safe, and successful procedures. As the founder and owner of Turkish Trends Inc. the biggest strength that my company possesses is that not only I, but my Husband, his brother, and our close relative are all proof of the success of the facilities we work with. Not only have we visited Istanbul on several occasions to build our gold seal list of clinics, but we also have in fact had rhinoplasty, dental veneer crowns and hair restoration, all with complete satisfaction and excellent results! During our visits to Istanbul prior to choosing the facilities our company would deal with, as well as where we would have our own procedures completed, we assessed the following:

  • Certification and accreditation/Doctor Qualifications and experience – During visits, we reviewed all certifications and documents accredited by the relevant local and international regulatory bodies. This encompassed not only the medical doctors, anesthesiologists and medical support staff including nurses, but also the actual facilities themselves. We ensured that all medical room and tools were in fully sterile environments and followed all international health standards. For more major procedures such as tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation, these are in fact completed at hospitals in their operating rooms.
  • Reputation – Prior to our first trips to Istanbul, our team had completed research on hundreds of facilities narrowed into a short list based on reviews, online information and customer feedback. From this point those hundreds which were selected out of over a thousand were reduced to 30. Each of these 30 facilities were visited during our first trip to Istanbul and from the 30, we have narrowed our associations and partnership down to only 3. As you can see with the number reduction, there was a lot of time and commitment placed into unbiasedly selecting the few that not only did we trust, but where our team, including myself, had our procedures completed.
  • Honesty, Transparency and Communication – In Turkey, there is a large language barrier and many facilities who have interpreters whom (without biased to any) were unable to correctly communicated or relay the messages of the medical staff to the patient. We recognized this in several locations and made the decision to not affiliate due to concerns of communication and transparency. We found that this could cause much confusion including knowing what is happening, clearly understanding pricing and putting customers in a scary position. We were also surprised to find that several facilities had hidden costs and raised prices which customers may not see until a final bill is received. We ensured that transparency on pricing was fully clear prior to even leaving Canada for our customers and would only change if customers requested additional services.
  • Accommodations and travel within Istanbul – Just as with any unfamiliar place, it is next to impossible to know what type of area your hotel is located in or whether it is in fact what we with our Canadian standards recognize as a 5 star hotel stay. From hotels where you would not want to step out the fronts doors of to rooms that couldn’t even be classified as a 2-star, we reviewed it all, seen it all and made the right choices for our customers. Choices where attractions are not too far away, where rooms are clean, breakfast and room service food are meals made in very clean environments with food kept in all standards we expect to see in Canada. We ensured 24-hour concierge at front desk of hotel and a strong sense of cleanliness. When it comes to travel in Istanbul, you will learn very quickly why your driver services and tourist van operators need to be very skilled and safe at how they travel. We have been on roller coasters on the roads of Istanbul, and in taxi’s where we wondered whether we should keep our eyes closed for sake of sanity. This was a strong part of our decision making when it came to ensuring facilities we chose catered to our safety requirements. From arrival to departure, we have highly qualified trained drivers.
  • Restaurants and Shopping – You will be no less than fascinated with your shopping and restaurant experiences throughout your stay in Istanbul. With that said, it is key to know that where you eat follows the highest standards in food storage and preparation while providing a great ambience and customer service. We have hand selected the best restaurant and restaurants for our customers in order to wow them with the food, shopping and culture. As with any place in the world, there are areas to shop in and areas not shop in, places where you an freely walk or jog without having to worry about street scams, pick pockets or thieves. We have been through many avenues, roads, backstreets and shopping areas and know exactly where we are most safe, so our customers can enjoy their time, all while with our Canadian representative.

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